Step 1: Connect
At Lake Wellness Center, our team is available to connect 24/7. Initial assessments are free and help our team discover important information about your needs and path to recovery. The assessment helps us develop a plan for personalized care as well as build a meaningful and trustworthy relationship with the patient.

Step 2: Evaluate
Our certified addiction-professionals carefully evaluate patients within 24 hours after their initial assessment to provide an accurate diagnosis for each individual. Honest conversations at this stage aid our team in identifying your needs.

Step 3: Personalize
Each patient is different. Therefore, we personalize treatment plans for patients that specifically address withdrawal and stabilization, and lifestyle to provide the tools to build a lifelong, self-dependent recovery.

Step 4: Adapt
We offer education, safe spaces, and positive support systems for patients to learn how to adapt with daily sober-living as they transition away from addiction and negative habits.

Step 5: Progress
The end of treatment is just the beginning. Our team empowers patients to progress beyond treatment and commit to lifelong recovery through community-involvement and our Continuing Care program.


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