Patient FAQ

Lake Wellness Center offers physician supported addiction treatment in an outpatient setting. We are a true alternative to inpatient treatment, giving you the opportunity to recover from addiction without leaving your family or job. Our unique model of treatment delivers the highest quality of services and makes treatment more effective and affordable than other alternatives.


The Lake Wellness Center isn’t drug rehab. The Lake Wellness Center is an outpatient program that uses genetic testing, disease monitoring, the latest medications, and therapy as a method for treating addiction

The symptoms of addiction can interfere with therapy and recovery. Lake Wellness Center sometimes utilizes medication to suppress these symptoms. This gets a patient the most benefit from therapy sessions. Ultimately, the decision to take a particular medicine will be between you and your doctor.

Not exactly. Medications are selectively administered under Lake Wellness Center physician supervision. Lake Wellness Center’s physicians determine timing and the dose for maximum patient benefit. These medications help chemically-dependent patients focus and engage with therapy quicker and more fully instead of focusing on symptoms caused by withdrawal. Medications also address different aspects of disease stabilization and might be prescribed at any stage of treatment for a patient’s benefit.

Lake Wellness Center accepts private insurance. Call us to find out if Lake Wellness Center is covered by your insurance provider. Since Lake Wellness Center is outpatient care, our treatment is more economical than traditional inpatient facilities or hospitals.

Lake Wellness Center’s treatment is in the evening, so you don’t have to miss work. Our treatment teams also collaborate with you to accommodate your schedule as much as possible.

Lake Wellness Center’s treatment program involves group and family therapy. Based on experience, patients receive important benefits from our weekly family night. It is just as important for your family to understand addiction as it is for you. This furthers healing and greatly improves your long term ability to stay in recovery.

The length of the IOP phase varies depending on the patient. After completing IOP, Lake Wellness Center provides continuing care for life and offers an optional chronic disease management plan a patient can remain enrolled in to keep their disease in remission.

Take our Addiction Self-Test. Addiction is progressive and chronic. Left untreated, substance abuse or undesirable behavior will continue to get worse.


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