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    Dealing with addictions can be extremely difficult for everyone involved. Whether it’s illegal drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol, addiction to these substances ruins lives. Lake Wellness Center is committed to helping individuals understand the confines of their disease and how it can be placed in remission for life.

    Our Lake Charles facility allows you to receive the outpatient addiction therapy you need, without being forced to go far from home. Our approach, “The Lake Wellness Way,” puts our patients at the center. We treat each patient at our center as an individual and work to ensure they are given all of the tools they need for success.

    Lake Charles Team of Specialists Treats Addiction as a Disease

    Most people do not realize addiction is a disease of the brain. This complex disease is far-reaching and can affect people of all ages and walks of life. When someone is addicted, it is beyond their control. Although there is no cure for the disease at this time, there are steps that can be taken to help individuals put their disease in remission and keep it there so they do not fall back into relapse.

    When a patient enters one of our facilities, they are immediately put through an extensive assessment. This assessment is necessary to determine how severe their addiction is and to diagnose them with any mental health issues that may be contributing to their disease.

    This assessment allows our team of addiction specialists and physicians to draw up a plan of care that is customized and fully focused on the unique needs of the patient. With both inpatient and outpatient options, there is a program for everyone who is ready to seek addiction help.

    Lake Charles Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center Offers Program Options

    There are many options when it comes to seeking addiction treatment centers. Our Lake Charles facility offers all of the outpatient program options our other facilities offer. It is important you know what to expect when you start seeking addiction therapy. We have put together this information to set your mind at ease and help you know how to prepare.

    We cannot stress enough: An individual needs to be ready to admit they have a problem with drugs and alcohol. Being ready for rehab means being able to admit there is a problem and you realize you cannot handle it on your own.

    When someone enters rehab only to please someone else, they are likely going to struggle. Those who have admitted they have a problem and are ready for help will do well. Many people feel ashamed when they first seek help from an addiction center because they feel as if they are admitting to weakness. In fact, admitting you need addiction help takes unimaginable strength.

    Our facilities are set up so that individuals can safely detox from the drugs and alcohol that are in their systems. Our medically supervised detox program ensures our patients remain comfortable at all times as they are going through the rehab process.

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    It takes getting the drugs and alcohol fully out of the system before a person is able to think rationally. This is why we do not begin focusing on therapy until the detoxification has occurred. Many people fear the detox process, but they can rest assured they are in good hands at Lake Wellness Center.

    What You Can Expect When Entering Rehabilitation Center program

    • You will be treated as an individual instead of the sum of your addictions.
    • You will be fully educated on your disease and understand its complexities.
    • We will also educate your family so they are more understanding.
    • We will draw up a treatment plan that is fully focused on your unique recovery needs.
    • We will help you decide if you need inpatient or outpatient care.
    • You will be given step-by-step help through the program.
    • You will be given a relapse protection plan for entering back into society.
    • You will be offered continued support services from therapists and peers.

    Why Choose Rehab Centers Near Me?

    No one wants to be far from home when they are dealing with overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. We pride ourselves in offering six locations in the state of Louisiana. We want our patients to feel fully comfortable being able to seek treatment.

    We believe family involvement is a vital part of the healing process from any addiction disease. We have seen broken families brought back together with the power of education, understanding and therapy. So often, addicts seem to burn bridges with their families, but we help them be rebuilt.

    We understand the heartache that occurs with this disease. Not only is the addict affected, but so is everyone else that loves and cares for them. Studies have proven addicts with family support respond better to addiction therapy. As a part of our services, we hold weekly family nights to bring loved ones in and help with the healing process.

    Our centers offer superior outpatient treatment options that help individuals gain control of their addiction and get back to living life to the fullest. There are a few reasons for choosing a treatment facility that is close to home and they include the following.

    • Being close to home allows your family to get involved in the treatment process.
    • Choosing a local facility means you will have access to aftercare treatment as you go back into society.
    • With a local rehab center, your family can receive therapy too, which leads to healing.
    • When choosing a local outpatient treatment program, you will not have to risk losing your job or be unable to take care of your responsibilities.
    • Choosing a local rehab center often allows individuals to save money because they do not have to worry about plane or bus tickets and their family will not have major travel expenses when they come to visit.

    Our Lake Charles facility allows you to remain close to home and those you love. Many addicts find it difficult being so far away from home and they end up feeling guilty for seeking rehab. When individuals are able to stay closer to home, they are often less stressed.

    • You will be treated as an individual instead of the sum of your addictions.
    • You will be fully educated on your disease and understand its complexities.
    • We will also educate your family so they are more understanding.
    • We will draw up a treatment plan that is fully focused on your unique recovery needs.
    • We will help you decide if you need inpatient or outpatient care.
    • You will be given step-by-step help through the program.
    • You will be given a relapse protection plan for entering back into society.
    • You will be offered continued support services from therapists and peers.

    I Am Looking for Drug Rehab Centers Near Me

    Admitting you have a problem with drugs is an integral first step in seeking treatment. When you can admit your drug problem, you are likely going to be more prepared to seek addiction-treatment. Millions of people deal with substance abuse on a daily basis.

    According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug abuse costs the United States around $740 billion a year. These costs are directly related to drug abuse and its negative consequences on society, including crime.

    The shame of admitting you are an addict is difficult to overcome. Most people do everything they can to keep their loved ones from knowing. Addicts certainly do not want their boss to find out. Being able to seek treatment close to home is important for most addicts because they do not have to disclose their disease to employers.

    When it comes to seeking drug treatment, there are a couple of options available to you, depending on the severity of your addiction. First, we recommend you go through our medically supervised detox program that helps you to safely and effectively get the drugs out of your system so you can begin to think clearly and face rehab head-on.

    Once the drugs are out of your system, you can choose between inpatient and outpatient and we will help you with the decision. With a full assessment, you will discover the severity of your addiction disease and will be properly diagnosed with any mental health issues that may be present.

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    There are some common reasons people avoid seeking treatment therapy. Here are the most common we have discovered in treating patients.

    • They are not ready to stop using.
    • They are afraid others will look at them differently.
    • They are afraid they will lose their job.
    • They are unsure of where to go for treatment./li>
    • They are afraid they cannot afford rehab.
    • They do not think they have a true problem.

    Do any of these sound familiar? If you have been putting off seeking treatment programs, it is time to take a long, hard look at your circumstances. Do you want to live this way forever?

    We take the shame out of seeking treatment and help our patients understand they are dealing with a disease and not just poor behavior. Most people who enter our facilities feel relieved to finally have answers and a greater understanding of what is happening to themselves.

    Education is power in every sense of the word and we work to empower you with knowledge about your addiction disease. We will help you every step of the way in your journey so you are able to put your disease where it belongs, in remission.

    I Am Looking for Alcohol Rehab Near Me

    Alcoholism is a brain disease that causes people to become highly addicted. Sometimes, it only takes a couple of drinks and a person becomes a prisoner. Alcoholism has strong genetic ties and we often see people seeking treatment who are third- or fourth-generation alcoholics.

    We want to help you fully understand alcoholism is a chronic disease. You did not choose this lifestyle, it chose you. We understand how difficult it can be to seek help for an addiction you do not understand. Professionals at Lake Wellness Center’s Lake Charles facility work tirelessly to educate the public on the dangers of alcohol addiction and how it can negatively affect a person’s health and every aspect of their life.

    We want you to be aware of the risks of alcoholism which includes the following.

    • Liver disease
    • Heart disease
    • Certain types of cancers
    • Sleep disorders
    • Mood disorders
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Injuries
    • Criminal potential
    • Birth defects
    • Strained or destroyed relationships
    • Loss of career
    • Failure in school

    Alcoholism is far-reaching and can destroy a person’s life if it is allowed to go too far. Our Lake Charles facility is available to offer you the alcohol rehab services you need so you can remain close to home and feel less stressed about seeking treatment.

    We will help you medically detox so the alcohol gets out of your system as safely and efficiently as possible. Trying to quit cold turkey is not advised and can actually lead to serious health issues. With the help from our addiction treatment center, you will be able to get the alcohol out of your system so you can begin to think rationally toward your rehab options.

    With all of our options for addiction treatment, we will help you make the right choice to ensure you are able to put your alcoholism disease in remission.

    Our full assessment will be used to grade the severity of your alcohol addiction and properly diagnose any mental health conditions that may be playing a role in keeping you bound to alcohol. With full rehab and mental health treatment services, you will be able to receive the care you need to successfully pursue a winning battle against alcoholism.

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    There is no shame in seeking help for addiction. Each year, millions of people set out on the journey towards becoming free of their addiction. This is going to be a lifelong battle and we are here to equip you with the tools you will need to win.

    Call us today and we will help you get started on the process. Our program is fully medically supervised and will help you discover how you can overcome the confines of your addiction to drugs or alcohol so you can get your life back. Allow us to help you get started right away.

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