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    Addiction is not a choice people make, but rather a condition of the brain that takes shape in the form of substance abuse. People with addiction issues partake in harmful activities while knowing there are negative consequences to their actions. The intense focus of an individual who has an addiction can take over their lives and affect not only themselves, but everyone involved in their lives. The good news is that there are many avenues for getting a person into an addiction treatment center such as Lake Wellness Center’ facility in Covington, La. Once an individual has participated in one of the center’s addiction treatment programs, they are able to recover from their addiction and lead a happy and productive life.

    Top-Tier Covington Alcoholism Treatment Program

    In the most recent National Institute on Drug Abuse survey of high school-age students, the trends in binge drinking and alcohol abuse are declining compared to the same survey done five years ago. This bodes well for the future, but alcohol is still the most widely used addictive substance. If you or someone you know suffer from alcohol abuse, there has likely been a thought about finding an alcohol rehab near me to get some help. There are several Lake Wellness Center sites in South Louisiana that can help anyone recover from their addiction through outpatient programs and help to keep the addiction in remission for the foreseeable future. One of those is Covington. Using alcohol has a physiological effect on the brain that causes nerves and brain cells to change so they can adapt and help the body function better with alcohol in the system. These changes can’t be undone when someone stops abusing alcohol, and that is why a top tier treatment facility like Lake Wellness Center’s facility in Covington is so important. When people learn to adapt and cope to life without alcohol, they can get back to living a happy and productive life.


    Drug Treatment

    The goal of drug abuse treatment at the Lake Wellness Center facility in Covington is to help people get back to a functional and productive life. One of the biggest challenges is keeping people in a drug treatment program long enough to see long-term results. This is why people will think about finding drug rehab centers near me. A successful drug treatment program is not going to follow a one-size-fits-all approach, and the Covington outpatient center takes the personalization of each treatment program to heart. The “Lake Way” offered by Lake Wellness Center provides a chance for each person to participate in an individual program that will look at the extent of a person’s problems and align treatment programs that are appropriate. The quality of the interactions between treatment providers and those receiving treatment is a key factor in having long-term success. The “Lake Way” will help to match people with providers to ensure a good fit for productive treatment sessions.


    Medical Detoxification

    Medical detoxification is usually considered the first stage on the road to recovery. The team at Lake Wellness Center’s Covington facility will ensure that the physical and mental needs of patients are attended to during this trying process. The detox process for alcohol or drug abuse can be demanding and the symptoms of withdrawal often need medical attention. The emotional needs combined with the physical stress is something that the Lake Wellness team will take special care with. The goal for all patients is to reach a point of recovery where they get can back to leading a normal life. It is important to know that the medical detox process itself is not part of the treatment plan, but rather a necessary step for any of the actual treatment methods to start. Going through detox and then not participating in any other type of therapy does not allow patients to get to the root cause of the addiction. For people that only go through detox, the chances of having a relapse are much higher.

    Personalized Plans at Covington Addiction Treatment Center


    Treating someone with addiction issues goes well beyond the actual drug or alcohol abuse. A successful addiction treatment program, like those offered through Lake Wellness Center in Covington, will address all of the needs that a patient has rather than just focusing on the drug or alcohol abuse. Treatment settings need to match up with a person’s age, gender, ethnicity and culture. How severe the addiction is for each person, and any previous efforts to get treatment for their addiction can also help to tailor a treatment plan that will be most successful. There are services that can be offered through the Lake Wellness treatment center that will help to individualize each program. Family therapy is something that some patients might need to be able to move forward with their loved ones. People might also need parenting support to help regain the trust and support of children. Rebuilding broken family bonds can go a long way toward patients having long-term success with their addiction.

    Yet another way to personalize the treatment is to offer some job training to patients. Getting back to a normal and productive work life can provide some of the needed motivation and distraction to help people stay focused on being drug and alcohol free.

    Covington Rehabilitation Center Addresses Individual’s Needs

    Behavioral therapy and medication are scientifically proven methods to treating addiction issues and can be found at rehab centers near me. Addressing a patient’s motivation to change is a big step. In order to build on the idea of the personalized approach to treatment for substance abuse, the staff at Lake Wellness Center in Covington will make sure that the program adapts to the needs of each person they work with. Substance abuse treatments need to be assessed at predetermined checkpoints to see what progress, if any, is being made. If certain areas of the treatment need to be adjusted, then a true personalized approach will make those adjustments for each patient. Relapse is not something that people want to think about, but it is a reality when it comes to going through drug and alcohol abuse treatments. Addiction is a chronic condition, which means that relapse is very possible during the process. It is important to note that a relapse does not mean that a person has failed in their quest to send the addiction into remission.


    A relapse simply means that there are physical and behavioral aspects of the addiction that treatment needs to be adjusted for. That’s why a continuous monitoring program should be in place to ensure the best possible outcomes. in the process of getting someone back to a healthy and happy life. Another great tool for people who need treatment programs is building up skills that will be able to put people in a position to resist the use of alcohol or drugs. One example is finding constructive and rewarding activities that can replace the drug or alcohol using behaviors. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps people to first recognize the situations in which they are most likely to use drugs or alcohol. The next step is to help patients learn strategies to avoid or cope with these situations. Coping strategies will help people to make more productive and healthy decisions. Group therapy can also be part of this system of proven treatments. Giving people a chance to face addiction head-on in a realistic way can be life-changing. Learning from others about the harmful consequences of addiction and finding more positive ways to deal with personal and emotional problems can help people motivate each other to reach their goals of being drug- and alcohol-free.

    Lake Wellness Covington Family Nights Part of Treatment Process

    When a loved one is struggling with addiction, that process can leave some heavy scars on family and other loved ones. When family members are active participants in the treatment process, the experience of the Lake Wellness Center staff shows that the chances of long-term success increase. During the family nights that are part of the treatment process, family members can help to lay the foundation of the recovery process for their loved ones. These nights are a time to establish feelings of hope and relief after what has likely been some difficult moments. Family nights are also a time when realistic expectations can be shared about the treatment and recovery process. One of the most positive aspects of working with family members through this process is the shared understanding about how the addiction has affected family relationships. It is important for family members to prepare themselves for difficult conversations, and everyone needs to commit to being present and actively participate in the process. The goal is to repair relationships and give patients a solid foundation from which to build the rest of their recovery efforts.

    Intensive Outpatient Program

    As individuals make their way down the road to recovery, a safe, welcoming and supportive home environment can go a long way toward preventing a relapse. There are times, however, when more structure and support is needed. This is where the Lake Wellness intensive outpatient program in Covington can be effective. This program offers patients a more structured approach to getting back to everyday life. It can also help deliver time-sensitive treatment that helps people establish some habits that can assist with preventing a relapse.

    One of the best benefits of the outpatient process is that times can typically be scheduled to work around an individual’s schedule. Getting back to work and a regular routine is a key part of the recovery process, and outpatient therapy is not intended to get in the way of that schedule. This step in the treatment process is a great next step after an inpatient program has been completed. It can also be a first step in the recovery process if that is determined the best solution.

    Daytime and Evening Programs

    Daytime and evening meetings are another option for an outpatient treatment plan. These differ slightly from the intensive outpatient program in that they become a bit less structured and the scheduling is a bit more flexible. This is a great step down from the intensive outpatient program because it puts people in a position to experience more success with less-frequent sessions. The daytime and evening schedule can accommodate whatever else may be going on in an individual’s life. Many of these sessions are also group therapy sessions where patients can share success stories, and share their struggles and challenges. Being in a group with others who have suffered from addiction can be a good place to share resources and strategies that have been used successfully.

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    When you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, getting to an addiction treatment center is the best option. A treatment center will provide a safe and stable environment for people to go through the medical detox process, and then move forward with an intense and personalized treatment program.

    The professional staff at Lake Wellness Center will work with patients to educate them about addiction, help them get to the root cause, and learn strategies to cope with the addiction. These tools can then be put in place to allow patients to get back to a healthy, happy and productive life. Treatment centers also give people a very predictable schedule to follow and the ability to interact with peers. Peer support can benefit those working through addiction and trying to get on a path to recovery. Another key aspect the Lake Wellness Center facility in Covington offers patients is the integration of family into the recovery process. Family can help provide that foundational base that is needed for patients to build on.


    The goal of Lake Wellness Center is to give people the care, tools and support needed to keep their addiction in remission and move forward with a healthier lifestyle.

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