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    Treatment Services

    Using our physician-led proprietary treatment methods known as The Lake Wellness Way, we look at addiction as a disease of the brain. The addiction can’t be cured but it can be kept in remission. That’s our goal at Lake Wellness Center. We work to keep the disease in remission by incorporating your individual biological components into your overall treatment plan. By using our innovative approach of individualized treatment we address the clinical and medical components of addiction, we’re unlike other treatment programs.


    Our programs are managed by doctors who specialize in treating addiction and understand the needs of patients who may experience withdrawal from substances. Outpatient detox is available, so you can continue to work while in treatment.

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    Local Treatment

    All Lake Wellness programs are located right here in Louisiana. We provide highly confidential treatment in an outpatient setting, allowing you to sleep in your own bed at night while in treatment.

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    Payment Options

    Lake Wellness treatment is typically covered by most health insurance plans. We work with every patient no matter what their financial situation to make sure that they can quickly access care.

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    Seven Outpatient Locations

    Baton Rouge

    With the help of the right rehabilitation center, Baton Rouge residents who are struggling with substance abuse disorders can get the treatment they need to make a full recovery. At the rehab center Baton Rouge branch of Lake Wellness Center, intensive outpatient treatment is provided for those who need comprehensive access to a long-term recovery program.


    A combination of pharmaceutical interventions, group and individual therapy, and family support can be used to develop a treatment plan. At rehab center Covington, doctors, counselors and other addiction specialists will help their clients access the services they need, ranging from medical stabilization to intensive outpatient programs. Outpatient programs are held during both daytime and evening hours to offer maximum accessibility for those seeking help with addiction management.


    The first step toward getting help is to find a treatment center that residents can trust to provide ongoing care. This may require medical stabilization. Once rehab center Houma clients have been stabilized, they can begin working with their doctors and other healthcare providers to come up with a personalized treatment plan that meets their needs.


    Those looking for a treatment center in Lafayette have come to the right place. The intensive outpatient program offered at the rehab center Lafayette branch of Lake Wellness Center is designed to offer those who don't have the time or desire to participate in a 24/7 inpatient program the treatment they need to overcome their addictions from home.

    Lake Charles

    Need help finding a treatment center in Lake Charles that clients can attend during the evening after work or school instead of skipping out on responsibilities? Lake Wellness Center offers both daytime and evening programs for outpatient clients at rehab center Lake Charles. These intensive outpatient programs offer treatment for those struggling with addiction to alcohol or illicit drugs. Medically supervised detox services are also available to clients who are physically dependent on one or more substances.

    New Orleans

    When choosing a treatment center, New Orleans residents can often benefit from outpatient programs. At rehab center New Orleans, these programs allow clients who have work or family obligations to find the help they need on an outpatient basis so they can continue to live their lives while they seek treatment. Outpatient services are perfect for those who have strong support networks at home that can help throughout their recoveries, although some of those struggling with severe addictions may be recommended to an inpatient program instead.


    More than 100 people that die each day from opioid overdose across the United States. Addiction is not a choice people make, but rather a disease that affects how the brain operates. When people suffer from this disease, it is vital to get help at one of the many addiction treatment centers that are available. Lake Wellness Center has several locations throughout South Louisiana which makes finding a location close to home convenient. Getting treatment at one of these facilities, including the one in Metairie, La., can help people detox and move forward with a program that can start the process of recovery.


    Those looking for an addiction treatment center in Destrehan have come to the right place. The intensive outpatient program offered at the rehab center Destrehan branch of Lake Wellness Center is designed for clients who need to work or have family obligations. Our programs allow them to find the help they need on an outpatient basis to overcome their addictions from home.

    New Roads, LA

    New Roads, LA

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